Christmas is getting near!

On this Saturday, everyone is thinking about the big Turkey they are preparing for Thursday, shopping to get the pantry needs for all the guests and maybe watching College football. We wanted to say have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones, family and friends. Just in case you haven’t heard, Christmas Eve is 34 DAYS AWAY! To help you out, we have all in stock Johnny Was Sherpa blankets with their own duffle bag, quilts with their own bag, pajamas and yoga mats at 25% off retail this weekend! The Sherpa blankets are so wonderful, they are reversible and perfect for holiday snuggles. The cotton quilts are colorful, also reversible. The yoga mats have their own carry case with strap. I was thinking they are also perfect for the beach as a pad so you can stay off the sand or make the beach lounger a little comfy! They are so colorful and with this added benefit, they will wash and wear and be a travel must. Great gifts as well! Stop by the boutique to pick your favorites.

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