PLANET is our best selling clothing line. It is a creative collection of women’s apparel focusing on comfort.  This collection is made with the finest natural fabrics such as Irish handkerchief linen, Pima cotton, washed silk and washed silk organza.  PLANET is Japanese inspired which fits loose and away from the body.  The main styles are matte jersey, spa collection, cotton, knits, crepe, and nylon.  Everything is made in the USA excluding knits, which are made in Peru.  PLANET offers a woman the look of runway chic and the comfort of her pajamas all at the same time.  If you have 6-8 pieces you have a traveling wardrobe.  PLANET is never going out of style and is a clothing investment.  Most PLANET pieces are one size fits all but some are labeled size 1-3.  A 1 is equivalent to size 0-8, 2 is equivalent to 8-12, and 3 is equivalent to 12 and up.