Meet the designer Lauren G from Planet by Lauren G

Here is some insight into what Planet is all about!

Q. What drew you to fashion?

A. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always enamored with Barbie. I would constantly dress her up in new outfits and create different styles for her to wear. Ever since then, I’ve absolutely adored anything and everything relating to fashion.

Q. What inspired your Fall 2021 collection?

A. I’m always drawn to the natural colors of the earth, so much of the Fall collection was inspired from the natural colors we see during the Fall season. The color Walnut derives from the natural tones of tree trunks, while other tones such as Paprika, Blackberry and Manatee were heavily influenced from my time traveling and watching the autumn changing colors. I always say there’s no better artist than mother nature.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

A. I love receiving feedback from customers and buyers emphasizing how amazing the clothing is and how much they love it. I continuously strive to make clothes that are fashionable for the true American woman; women who want to look hip but in something age appropriate and flattering.

Q. Your designs are so intriguing and truly unique. Can you describe your creative process?

A. I like to take an architectural look with traditional silhouettes and exaggerate them by dropping a shoulder, expanding a collar, affixing a pocket or a slit to the front or back of a shirt for added detail. I always strive to tailor my styles to all the women of the American market, which is why Planet sticks to the idea of creating styles that are size-less, season-less and age-less. My decision to create most Planet styles size-less is because I like to say that out is always in – meaning nothing clinging to the body. Together, the fabrics and the body styles enhance everyone’s figure.



Q. What part of your design career are you most proud of?

A. I think the simple fact that I’ve been in business for twenty-two years as a sole stylist is a great accomplishment. The design and fashion industry today so easily fluctuates up and down and despite this, for twenty-three years, Planet has continued to produce beautiful clothing. I think a big part of our success is accredited to the fact that Planet items never go out of style, and I am very proud of that. 

Q. What can we expect from your upcoming Fall/Winter collection?

A. The Fall/Winter collection will definitely have more elements of the earth included, just as the Spring/Summer collection did. The color palette was inspired from the natural earth elements that you see in Autumn, such as tones reflected from the sky, the vineyards, or an autumn forest. We’ve incorporated these new tones all while keeping the exciting and edgy architecture that is flattering for absolutely anyone!

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