Have You Seen Gypsy Handmade Jewelry?

We have been carrying Gypsy Handmade Jewelry for some time but we still have customers that know very little about the line. All the jewelry is made in Istanbul and is fashioned from historic pieces or Indian/Boho stylings. Each piece has its own beauty and can be worn alone or with a collection.

Since antiquity, the pomegranate has been a symbol of plenty, youthfulness, fertility, and good luck. This red coloured delicious fruit is bursting with vitamins to boost our good health and is cracked open to release its bright red seeds as part of a Greek custom observed on New Year’s Day. Gypsy Handmade has created an entire collection using the pomegranate for it’s showpieces. We have it available and they are stunning. Need some good fortune? Come see us for a peak at these stunning pieces.

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